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air conditionerEvery season, Metro Heating & Cooling answers numerous calls for problems with air conditioning systems.  Damaging water leaks, bad indoor air quality, toxic mold growth, elevated operational noise, musty smells, poor performance, and unusually high energy bills are cause for concern and require immediate attention.  Repairs are inconvenient, often come at the worst moments, and can prove costly.  Most often, annual service from our NATE-certified specialists could have prevented the malfunction, and saved the homeowner quite a bit of time and money.

A properly maintained system operates more efficiently, often trimming 25% to 40% from total energy costs.  By restoring original capacity, you’ll spend less on utility bills, extend system life span, and ward of breakdowns.  Through careful inspection, the factory-trained technicians from Metro Heating & Cooling will identify any problem areas, and take the necessary steps to ensure smooth and reliable operation from your cooling equipment.  Any faulty components can be repaired or replaced, preventing potential repairs, and avoiding wait time for replacement parts during the hottest time of year.  During seasonal maintenance, belts are checked for wear, airflow measured, electrical connections tightened, refrigerant levels verified, thermostat checked for accuracy, ductwork inspected for condition, and comprehensive cleaning completed.

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Your air conditioner generates a great deal of water.  The condensate collector provides the perfect breeding ground for algae.  Left to spread, algae will quickly reach the condensate drain line and form a blockage, resulting in water leakage.   If not caught by regular maintenance, this type of leak can go undetected for quite a while.  By the time homeowners become aware of condensate leakage, property damage can be considerable.  The condensate system is also the ideal environment for mold.  Mold feeds off tiny airborne organic particulates drawn in through the return ducts and produces millions of mold spores.  Dispersed into airflow in the supply ducts, mold spores infect the breathing air of your home, leading to numerous health concerns.  There is also the possibility of mold expanding into the evaporator coil, restricting narrow air passages and cutting off system airflow.

There is a lot of air transfer needed to draw hot air out and introduce refreshingly cool air into your home.  When coils are properly clean, the fan can operate at full capacity, maximizing airflow.  The fins on evaporator and condenser coils, if they become bent, can also block airflow through the coil.  Due to moisture and close spacing of fins, pollen and dust quickly adhere to surfaces, combining into a thick mat that will greatly hinder airflow.  As your unit struggles to achieve set temperatures, excess wear and tear is placed on components, energy consumption rises drastically, and comfort levels suffer.

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The benefits of professional maintenance are extraordinary.  You’ll enjoy cleaner, fresher and healthier air quality throughout your home, which means suffering from fewer illnesses and feeling better.  Surfaces within your home will stay cleaner.  You’ll safeguard against insect infestation and mold growth, while eliminating the majority of repairs.  The cooling system will provide years of reliable comfort, cost less to operate, keep energy costs at a minimum and maintain proper humidity levels.  When you call Metro Heating & Cooling for preventative service, we strive to maximize rewards.  By arriving on time, completing all work efficiently, protecting your home from damage, keeping a tidy work area, and offering fair pricing, we make sure you are 100% satisfied.

Through our commitment to the utmost in integrity and professional service, Metro Heating & Cooling has been distinguished as a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer.  We are a family owned and operated, full-service HVAC provider, and since we opened our doors in 1957, the majority of our business is from repeat customers.  We take very good care of home and business owners in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area of Pittsburgh, Peters Township, Bethel Park, Highland Park, Monroeville, Oakmont, Mount Lebanon, Upper St Clair, Sewickley, Cecil, Squirrel Hill & Venetia, PA.  Your comfort is our business.  When it’s time for annual HVAC maintenance, give us a call at 412-561-7330, and trust you’re getting the quality service & AC repair you deserve.

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