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air conditionerAt Metro Heating & Cooling, we recognize that sudden air conditioning malfunctions are frustrating, uncomfortable and stressful.  In some instances, they may even be unsafe or damaging to your home.  The technicians from Metro Heating & Cooling are factory trained and NATE-certified professionals who are skilled in all aspects of air conditioning repair.  Prompt attention to faulty equipment is critical, and for those times when waiting for regular business hours is more than an inconvenience, Metro Heating & Cooling offers 24/7 emergency service.  When you call us at 412-561-7330, know that reliable and knowledgeable assistance is on the way.

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Many air conditioning units have warranties that become void if any do-it-yourself work is done.  If you notice a decrease in comfort levels or humidity control, unpleasant sounds, smells, or leaking water, it’s always best to call for professional AC service.  By catching faults within a cooling system quickly, the NATE-certified technicians from Metro Heating & Cooling can ensure maximum energy efficiency and performance, safe operation, and avoid much bigger, costly repairs.  A problem with one component, if neglected, can swiftly compromise the entire system.

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We can guarantee that cooling problems don’t fix themselves, and the majority of times, a decrease in comfort goes hand in hand with a decrease in energy efficiency.  In other words, procrastination costs much more in the long run.  Trust that when you call Metro Heating & Cooling, our licensed professionals arrive quickly, and prepared to handle the job.  Through in-depth product knowledge, practical experience and the most sophisticated tools, our team is able to handle most difficulties in one visit.  We are a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, assuring our customers that the servicemen from Metro Heating & Cooling have received extensive training and are up-to-date with the latest technology.  We utilize Factory Authorized Parts whenever possible, and our technicians backed by NATE-certification.

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The majority of cooling difficulties are the result of contaminants within the system, and can be resolved by professional cleaning.  Mold thrives in the damp interior of air conditioning equipment, building up on coils, collecting in condensate drains, feeding off tiny airborne organic particulates drawn in through the return ducts, and producing millions of spores that can potentially be circulated throughout your home.  Restricted airflow, high humidity levels, unhealthy indoor air quality and increased energy consumption are all consequences of mold growth.  Algae, creating a blockage in the condensate drain system, can cause leakage and result in expensive property damage.  Dust and pollen, collecting on the damp surfaces of the evaporator coil, can so disrupt airflow that condensate actually freezes and completely blocks the coil.

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Don’t put off calling for help.  Delaying service can often cause more damage to your system.  Call Metro Heating & Cooling, and we’ll go out of our way to provide convenient and lasting repairs you can afford.  As a family owned and operated HVAC business in Pittsburgh, we’ve looked after the comfort of home and business owners throughout Pittsburgh, Peters Township, Bethel Park, Highland Park, Monroeville, Oakmont, Mount Lebanon, Upper St Clair, Sewickley, Cecil, Squirrel Hill & Venetia, PA since 1957.  Extensive industry knowledge, reliable prices, prompt attention and quality repairs have earned Metro Heating & Cooling a reputation for doing what’s best for our customers.

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