hvacThanks for doing such a beautiful and careful job. Your guys are clean, efficient and pleasant.

Donna – Mt. Lebanon

This was a fabulous experience!! I cannot say enough good things about the professionalism of the men who installed the system. They were polite and were as unobtrusive as possible. I could not have imagined that the installation could have gone as smoothly as it did.

Julia – Pittsburgh

I had quite a number of installers come to give estimates and suggest ductwork routing. Bill knew what he was doing and figured out a low impact way to route the ducts, and gave a very fair estimate. System was installed in the spring and works flawlessly and inexpensively over the summer.

Pat – Pittsburgh

Metro installed a central a/c system into our old house. Tom came in person to look, measure, and figure out where ducting would have to be run. Metro ran ducts in all sorts of clever places so it is not normally visible, through corners of closets for vertical runs and through floor spaces and behind attic knee walls for horizontal runs. The A/C system has performed flawlessly through some very hot weather. They are prompt, professional, courteous, and very skilled. Very highly recommended.

Paul – Pittsburgh